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center. they said all that it took to set the man off was the officer pulling up to check things out. >> upon the officer getting out of his car the suspect immediately approached the officer and started attacking the officer. >> reporter: police say the man struggled to get the officer's gun, that's when a second officer arrived at the scene shooting the man in the chest twice. >> we had the block pulled off and we had a meeting here 9:00 so we were as curious as everybody else. >> meanwhile ron powers and others took stock of the morning scene. >> it's unusual. we don't usually have any trouble here, i'm kind of shocked, it's not a very, you know, area where we have a lot of crime. >> reporter: police say the same about this area as they work to piece together this latest incident. several witnesses from the shopping center were interviewed and detectives will likely look at surveillance video from the cameras atop the
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building. they can't give very much information about the accused but say he was emotional and distraught. >> both officers will be put on routine leave penning the outcome of the investigation. brian kuebler, abc 2 news. a rash of robberies in college park has police warning students to be careful. at least seven people have been robbed by by attackers who they say robbed college students. roosevelt leftwich is here with that story. >> the attacks have happened around college park at different times. one thing is clear, all the victims were students, the latest incident happened around 2:00 sunday morning on hartwig rode near princeton avenue. the student was approached by four people, one tackled him and another hit him and took his wallet. police say two similar attacks took place a week ago as five suspects attacked two different groups of people and robbed them. >> i guess you kind have have
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this mentality it's not going to happen to you but clearly it could happen to anyone and it has, so it is, it is pretty frightening. >> definitely not just give me your wallet, it's give me your wallet and let's beat you up. >> no one was injured in any of the attacks. a 15-year-old has been arrested and charged in one of the crimes but they believe there are other suspects out there. roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. one of the first black students to enroll in desegregated arkansas schools died at 68. jefferson thomas died yesterday. he and others became the first students to attend little rock high school, they came to be known as the little rock 9. the president dispatched the airborne after the governor tried to prevent them from egg rolling in the school. 10 political signs for one
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of the candidate running for the county council was vandalised. the middle was sliced out, for sherrie becker, within of 6 people running for office in rout 2. some signs of her opponents were also damaged. becker believes the signs were vandalised between 3:00 and 9:00 this morning. the maryland attorney general is sending a warning about deceitful and misleading campaign literature. doug governance letter issued a statement saying some brochures for the upcoming election falsely implies candidates have been endorsed by state and local leaders. the attorney general says complaints about deceptive practices will be investigated. former governor robert ehrlich's campaign has taken to the air with its first tv commercial. the 30 second spot called "let's get to work" has been done in baltimore. they say maryland is in trouble
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because of debt and higher costs, a water man asking that the state budget be fixed. the o'malley camp responded saying it featured false inyouen dough, he unveiled his own ad last month. parents of a student in baltimore county say they were misled about an addition at that school that was supposed to reduce over crowding. hanson elementary school has more than 500 students at a building only designed to hold 300. parents say they were told construction on an addition would start this past summer but the county says that was a miscommunication and taxpayer approval is needed for the addition. right now 4th and 5th great students are using trailers, if approved construction on the addition is expected to start next summer and be ready in 2012. a proposed islamic cultural center and mosque in new york city is nowhere near being built but it has become the focal point of an argument that
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some say goes beyond the fact that the site is near ground zero. they claim opposition to the project is founded in anti- muslim pyatt. true or not, t.j. winnik tells that the twin towers still cast a long shadow. >> reporter: as america counts down to the ninth anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks tensions at home and aproduce are being ratcheted up. most of the rhetoric centers on the planned islamic center and mosque 23 blocks from ground zero. >> when they built a mosque and teach what i said 14-year-old from hell, i decided someone should. >> reporter: he has been speaking out against islamic center and a christensenter he plans to build. other events are a protest at ground zero and a ceremony at another church in florida. they have 8,000 fans and growing. >> we're going to have an international burn a coronde.
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>> just yesterday on staten island another protest opposing islamic center. >> how could you want to build a mosque and dance on the graves of the children lost on 9/11 while we're still crying on their graves. >> reporter: mosques around the country are beefing up security and muslim groups are now running these ads showing that muslims are also patriotic americans. >> i don't want to take over this country. >> reporter: overseas the anger threatens to turn into more than a war of words. more than 500 people gathered in islam florida church's. they chanted long live islam and death to america some muslim groups in america are planning on doing community service this saturday as another way of promoting a positive image of their faith. t.j. winnik, abc 2 news, n north america. . a fantastic labor day across maryland, just, you have
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to love it out there. low humidity, pleasant temperatures, let's take a look. we have got basically 83 degrees right now. downtown has the big game in progress. in indiannapolis, our visible satellite view all clear, crystal clear. we had a few clouds passing by earlier but most of those beginning to dissipate. your evening forecasts as the crowd bowl continues downtown we're in the 70s, partly cloudy skies, sunset coming up at 7:31 tonight. we'll talk much more about the rest of the week here. we've got a big warming trend and a shot of fall air coming in straight ahead. christian? >> great day. thanks a lot wyatt. the baltimore ravens are going to start their season one week from tonight up in the new york against the jets. they'll have yet another offensive weapon at their disposal. they have agreed in prime minister to t.j. houshmandzadeh, that adds even more fireplace to a ravens
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offense that is one of the best in history. expect a lot of traffic as the crab bowl is on. navy and marylanders are squaring off, and now they are leading 14-0 over the midshipmen, they are only a half hour apart but the first meeting since 1965. navy leads the all-time series 14-6. we'll have highlights tonight on abc 2 news at 11:00, also the orioles beat the yankees today in the bronx. the controversy over craigslist adult ads continues. we have new information tonight on the effort to shut down that category on the popular web site. getting pregnant can be a challenge for some couples. abc 2 is working for you, with a look at the options that are out there. plus, a warning in tonight's consumer alert, if you use your company's credit card, why you could be stuck with the bill.
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. :a condition that makes it difficult to get pregnant. >> if you don't pass an egg
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every month there is nothing for the sperm to fertilize. >> reporter: after checking with her doctor joanne went through in vitro fertilize situation. >> i got pregnant immediately with twin girls. >> reporter: she went into in vote row labor and the twins weren't to make it. >> that was hard, really hard. >> reporter: after two more cycles joanne finally gave birth to a healthy boy and girl. >> i waited almost 10 years for this and finally we had it. >> it was really a touching moment. >> reporter: now their days are filled with double the fun, double the trouble, and twice as much to be thankful for. in annapolis, linda some, abc 2 news. >> wow, twins, i don't know how they do it. tomorrow we'll take a look at treatment involving donor eggs and how it's making it possible for couples to become parents. we are counting down the days until komen maryland's
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race for the cure. the race will be earlier than past year, set for sunday october 3rd in hunt valley. abc 2 news will be live on the air to broadcast the event. it's a great day. here is how you can register for the big race. head to our web site,, when you get there look at the top of the page, click on the lifestyles tab, click and control to the right and click on think pink. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> big day for maryland sports. >> yeah. >> big game downtown. virginia tech takes on boise state tonight at fedex field. there is a lot going on here and we get pretty good weather for it. >> if you're not going to have the ravens in action, this is as good as it gets for football. >> that's our slogan. >> crab cakes and football. >> that's what maryland does. >> that's what maryland does. >> beautiful day for it chris in downtown. we've got sunshine out there, looking good, and expecting that really to hold up for a
5:15 pm
while. 81 degrees, humidity comfortable, 49% light southeast wind, that's what it's like to warm things up out there for us, we like that. let's see a couple of spots around the state. figured this would be timely, naval academy, 78 degrees right now, nod bad at all, humidity 59%, a peak wind gust of 17 at annapolis there. college park, you got to be even handed here, high temp. 84, gusting to 16 there today. i don't know what that means, 17 gust, annapolis, 16 gusts in college park, i don't know if that will reflect at all in the final scores. 81 right now for our current temperature bwi. 82 in easton, 78 from dover, just a pleasant pleasant labor day out there. great evening, fire up the grille, looking good for us, humidity very comfortable, very low. humidity 26% out in hagerstown. some of these western counties, well down into the 40s this morning, so it was a cool start to the day here across much of the state. not quite as cool here in baltimore and down through the
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eastern shore. clear skies, now, not much out there. a couple of clouds out there rolling in, western pennsylvania, that's about it. for the most part we're talking about some pleasant and very, very clear weather. tonight should be a little miler, a bit of a south breeze begin to kick in today, if you take a close look at this over all picture jet stream bottled up to the north right now, keeping the showers and unsettled weather north of maryland. then we've got a couple of storms down here off the carolina coast but nothing tropical. weather pattern, warm southerly breeds beginning to kick in thanks to a big high offshore. dry mild weather next couple of days, another cool front mid- week but not going to bring any rain i don't think, cool us down a little bit as we go towards the second half of the week. forecast as we go in the overnight, crystal clear skies, postgame for the festivities out there, downtown looking great, tomorrow, tuesday, sunny skies, deep blue skies, loving that again. then on wednesday we'll warm up and i think by midday early
5:17 pm
afternoon wednesday, cooler air will begin to come in out of the north, drop down temperatures for the end of the week at least. for the most part talking about some very nice very, very pleasant weather next several days a little on the dry side. we really could use a little bit of rain. 60, generally clear out there, south breeze tomorrow, 2-degree guarantee, we're talking about 87 or so, mostly sunny, gets warmer out there in the afternoon so enjoy this, savor this, because really i think tomorrow and wednesday about it before temperatures kind of get a little more fall-like again and then tomorrow night 67, partly cloudy skies, and even milder overnight. seven-day forecast, let's check it out. the trend warmer for the next few days. breezier, cold air coming in. going to hold us down in the upper 70s thursday and friday even though we keep the sunshine around. next weekend milder, but our best chance for rain now appears to be sunday, maybe a 50, 60% chance, we certainly could use it by then, we'll see.
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christian? >> thanks a lot wyatt. on this labor day, here is the issue affecting more and more workers. corporate credit cards, employers charged $140 billion on them last year, but what happens if your dogies under. if your employer doesn't pay, the card company could come after you for the balance. >> reporter: plane tickets, hotel rooms, taxi cabs. office supplies, building supplies, party supplies. all things your company could ask you to charge but, beware, if you use a corporate credit card there is a chance you could be stuck with the bill. >> i was beside myself. >> reporter: charlie high gus used to work for a company that manufactured duck decould i see but when the company went under he felt like he was the one being hunted over his $10,000 company credit card tab. >> there was absolutely no communication at all indicating that i would be liable for a
5:19 pm
credit card that i was using that belonged to a corporation i worked for. >> but according to rpm. g research 35% of corporate cards have individual or joint liability arrangements where the employee is responsible for the debt. and, believe it or not, large companies, including many fortune 500 firms, are the most likely to make the employees liable for the company card. >> this is just so destructive to individuals like myself who had no idea that this could happen. >> reporter: charlie's employer had never paid his final bill. he found out when he got turned down for a personal loan and the loan officer told him he had a lousy credit score. >> i just went number. i said, i said to her "you must be looking at the wrong credit report. >> the thought of paying your company's bad credit is enough put the feke on the credit score is bad enough.
5:20 pm
his score plunged 100 points which cost him tens of thousands in lost business opportunities, he is hoping to find an attorney to help him sue. >> the credit score had been destroyed, my life had been destroyed, basically i lost everything. >> reporter: charlie is not alone. the legal web site has seen a huge uptick in questions about credit card liability since the recession hit. >> the credit card can come after your company, the one that issued the corporate credit card, or they can come after you personally and that's where a lot of people get confused and hurt. >> adding insult to injury when your dogies out of business offers these red flags that you might be personally responsible for your corporate card debt if the card shows up on your credit report if you're required to pay the pail pay the bill yourself and get reimbursed. are men more forgetful than women? my wife got that one. results of a new study on men on memory loss in tonight's
5:21 pm
health alert. plus a facebook phenomenon, some people are tapping into their inner farmers.
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maryland's most powerful doppler radar, abc 2 works for you. . we're working on a ton of brand new stories all for you tonight at 5:30, i'm roosevelt leftwich. you can find a roommate or sell a couch on craigslist but now there's one thing you can't do now on the popular site. the adult section. trying to save a driver from a fiery crash, all caught on tape, plus like jaws in the potomac. a local man has quite a shark tale to tell. the forecast coming up at 5:30. thanks rosy.
5:25 pm
in tonight as health alert a new study out of the mayo clinic found that mild cognitive impairment, mci , is five times more prevalent in men than william. women. more from dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: a new study found that mild cognitive impairment, or mci, may affect more men than women. mci refers to the state between normal forgetfulness and the development of true dementia. in a minnesota-based study that involved over 2000 people aged 70 to 89 mayo clinic researchers found that 90% of the men had the memory disorder as compared to 14% of women. the study is the first of its kind to find the higher rate of cognition problems in men versus women who live in the same community. people with mci suffer from memory loss that does not interfere with every day activities and they are often
5:26 pm
aware of their forgetfulness. unfortunately, there is no proven treatment for it. researchers suggested that gender may play a role in memory disorder. that men may experience forgetfulness problems more gradually, and at an earlier age than women. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> what is the one thing that most email can't be without while staying at a hotel. we'll have the answer coming up on abc 2 news at 5:30 bye starts in just 2 minutes. necessary
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. you're watching the station that works for you, abc 2 news at 5:30. the web site craigslist has voluntarily shut down its adult services site after pressure from law enforcement. good evening everybody. i'm roosevelt leftwich. there is no official explanation from company officials tonight but there are already questions about just
5:29 pm
how much good the move actually does. abc's aaron cater ski has more. >> reporter: 50 million americans use craigslist to find everything from furniture to jobs to pets. those looking for so-called adult services now find the word "section sort." but those kinds of ads still exist. discovered several of them across a number of regional craigslist sites that explicitly mention monetary exchange for sexual favors. >> there is clearly the very distinct danger that other sites will become sources of these ads, that they'll simply my great there. >> reporter: but the most controversial and most lucrative section is down. it had been expected to again rate about a third of the site's profits. >> it was appeal as easy and as normalized to buy a child for sex as it was to buy a chair or a couch. >> reporter: craigslist says
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